Treasures of the heart_ Heartbeat_ Module: Flow with Mati Engwerda, Leiden, May 2014

Dancing with Fire _ Waves_Staccato with Cathy Ryan, Nijmegen, November 2014

Treasures of the heart_ Heartbeat_ Module: Chaos with Mati Engwerda, Leiden, November 2014

Year group Rotterdam_Waves_Module: Lyrical with Ron Hagendoorn, Rotterdam, March 2015

Shadows_Waves with Damjan Makovec, Vienna, Austria, March 2015

Connections_Waves_Trilogy about Relations_ with Ron Hagendoorn, Rotterdam, March, April, May 2016

Let it be_Heartbeat_with Silvja Tomčik, Leuven, Belgium, April/May 2016

Heart Feet Beat_Heartbeat_ with Silvija Tomčik, Leiden, October 2016

Shadow & Light_Waves_with Ron Hagendoorn, Rotterdam, November 2016

Trilogy 5 Ritmos 5 Elementos 5 Emociones_Waves&Heartbeat_ with Silvija Tomčik, Murcia, Spain, April, October 2017, February 2018

Art of the Heart_5days Heartbeat Residential_ with Silvija Tomčik, Almerìa, Spain, May/June 2019

Body, Heart, Mind, Soul, Spirit_Waves&Heartbeat_ with Silvija Tomčik, Utrecht, Oktober 2022